Eat Salads Regurarly For A Healthy Life

Maybe youve heard of someone who lost a lot of weight by eating salads? Did they manage to keep it off? Did they suffer a lot? Lets find out.

Eat Salads Regurarly For A Healthy Life

Benefits of Salads

The main benefit of eating salads to lose weight is that they contain hardly any calories and yet fill you up. You can eat a huge chunk of green leaves and it might give you barely 20 calories or about 1% of what a woman needs to eat every day.If you add dressing to this then be prepared for a whole load more hidden calories.

The Problem with Salads

Salads are great as an alternative side to more calorific sides like fries, but on their own they are not a way to lose a lot of weight.

Eat Salads Regurarly For A Healthy Life

I do not recommend eating a lot of salads in order to lose weight. Eating Salads as part of a balanced diet are great, however.

Eat Salads Regurarly For A Healthy Life

The problem with salads is that they provide a little but not much nutritional value. If you want to get nutrients from plants then you are better of eating something like broccoli or root vegetables.

And a diet plan composed mainly of salads will leave you severely malnutrition and without enough calories. Your muscles will waste away. Dont do it!

A Better Diet

A better way to eat is to incorporate salads into a normal healthy diet. So, if you have a meat dish (lean meat preferred) then use salads as a side on the plate instead of some greasy alternative.

If you want a low calorie food that is packed with nutrition then you are better off eating more fruits. If you eat an abundance of different fruits you can actually live forever this way and a few people choose to do so.I dont know a single person who has tried to live on salads and been successful!

Eating Salads have made a great addition to a healthy life as well as fitness routines. You will find out how Eating Salads helps in taking care of your health in life.

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